Michael Gatzios 

Michael Gatzios is a seasoned musician whose passion for music ignited at a young age and continues to burn brightly today. With over four decades of experience, he began drumming in 1976 and has since evolved into a versatile multi-instrumentalist. 

His journey as a composer for film and television commenced in 2001, writing underscore for Television Shows, infomercials, commercials with notable contributions to projects such as the independent film “The Last” by Kurt St Thomas and Michael Gioscia. Michael also worked in Broadcast audio for 13 years assisting and mixing audio for many productions and game shows such as Deal or No Deal.

As a recording and mix engineer since 1994, Michael has honed his skills in music production, working closely with bands, singer-songwriters, and esteemed artists. His portfolio extends across both coasts, having produced and engineered records in Boston and Los Angeles since the mid-’90s, collaborating on several projects with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.
Beyond the realms of traditional media, Michael has ventured into the world of game apps, crafting captivating soundscapes and music for immersive gaming experiences. He prides himself on being a full-service music and sound resource, dedicated to bringing creativity and excellence to every project he undertakes.

Mike Gatzios

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Michael Gatzios

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